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60 Diwali Quotes That You Love And Share With Your Friends

Find 2022’s top Diwali quotes here. Here are some lovely ecards with wishes. It’s yours.

Happy Diwali to you! May Diwali grant you strength, drive, honesty, and loyalty.

This Diwali, try something different. Lifelong quest. May your search for happiness cease. Wishes are granted.


Let God decide. Laxmi will make the choice you deserve, need, and not want. Unwise. Our needs are unclear. So trust Laxmi.

May you strive towards greatness. May you not be competitive. Compete with yourself. Don’t seek your goals in others. May Ganesha make you wise and independent.

Diwali brings new power and ideas. May Goddess Saraswati fill you with joy and excitement. May Laxmi bring you prosperity, name, and glory. Ganesha blesses your way and intellect.

Persevere and work hard to achieve your ambitions. But may you also assist others to attain their ambitions? May you use your skills to assist others to achieve their goals.

You’re kind and merciful. You’re pure and wise. This Diwali, share your inner love and humility with family, friends, and others in need of love and care.

Due to the holiday, you may drink alcohol. It can awaken human mystical faculties. I wish you wouldn’t drink because it brings out thoughts you aren’t aware of. This may upset your family. You miss joyful times with your kids.

May Ganesha help you laugh at yourself and grin at those who have tried to bring you down.

May God grant you success. May he grant you the courage to keep trying till you succeed.

God grant you a sharp mind. May he help you use your mind to assist others.

May Diwali give you the confidence to exploit your innate talent. May your career bring you success and honor.

Happiness and authenticity. Stay authentic. Do. Do not worry about pleasing everyone. You can’t please everyone.

This holiday, take a break from work and address your stress. Family and pals. Always love them. Relax. Light yourself to soar.

This Diwali, the lights will illuminate Aunsi. You also let your soul speak. Forgive your worst attackers. Protect yourself, your thoughts, and your heart.

Don’t go to the level of those who hurt you. Diwali gives tranquility and strength.

Forgive your shortcomings and blunders. Be loveable. Diwali, breathe deeply before God. Relax and cleanse your body and soul.

Help yourself find Saraswati. She shouldn’t allow you to get lost. Don’t let situations control you. May she bring you serenity.

May Goddess Laxmi illuminate your soul. May she provide you with inner and outer tranquility. Be yourself and feel beautiful.

We get back what we give. Give love, kindness, sweets, and help during Diwali. So you always get help.

No difficulty is stronger than your thoughts. May Ganesha strengthen your thoughts.

Everyone should believe the relationship is theirs, despite flaws. This Diwali, make amends.

Feelings matter. Even if you don’t care, they might. Diwali wishes!

This Diwali, forget family disputes. Misunderstandings and disputes shouldn’t ruin this happy event. The family has disputes and turmoil, but also unending love.

Mistakes shouldn’t ruin a relationship. Make amends. Pour your heart and soul into important relationships. Diwali wishes!

Stay true. Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi, and goddess Saraswati have always taught us to stand for the truth.

Smile to make life better. May your brilliance spread joy to others around you.

Don’t squander your short, joyful life on battles and arguments. May Diwali brighten your life.

May you have enthusiasm and gratitude. May you help individuals realize their potential.

Heart, not eyes, should guide you. Diwali will make you happy. This is cause for celebration.

Your beauty should brighten this night. Candles and light show the night’s splendor. Your beauty shines through.

I admire your beauty and grace. You offer harmony and joy to strangers. Goddess gives you beauty.

We ignore nature. We cling to work and stress. Ink is expensive. This Diwali, I hope everyone stops to admire the night’s splendor.

Goddess Laxmi gave you soul-deep beauty. Your health potential is angelic. Happy Diwali, family!

If you have a few bills. Buy candle. Burn it for goddess Laxmi. Feed the poor all you can. She’ll give you an unimaginable fortune.

Bitterness imprisons, paralyzes, sickens, and blinds us. Love liberates us from evil and negativity. Lord Ganesha guards you against bitterness’ and evil. May Goddess Laxmi bless you.

Enjoy the treats I gave you. Spread your kindness.

Bitterness is a slow-killing disease if rage is a fire. Lord Ganesha’s fury and pride led to his head being removed. May Ganesha remove your anger.

May Diwali bring insight to those who slay thousands in the name of jihad and steal children. childhood innocence

May Diwali give you Malala’s courage, Einstein’s intellect, Buddha’s tolerance, and Gandhi’s perseverance.

May the homeless be given a roof. May the sick kept hostage for hospital bills be released and get well.

Gambling has tainted Diwali. May Mata Saraswati bless those who bet their homes.

On Diwali, the bad-news-bringing crow is venerated. It shows that everyone deserves happiness. You just need to recognize the chance.

Live wisely. Without intelligence, festivals are meaningless. Wisdom is to know that God is with me. Consider all our possessions. Remember, you have a lot of wealth and feel complete.

As much as we love Diwali but we also need to love our nature and surroundings. So fewer crackers are better. We are suffering from global warming as it is.

Saraswati blesses you with health and wealth. I’ll pray more for your health. Less envied and more used is good health.

May Diwali lengthen your life. May Diwali reduce your worries. I won’t pray for no trouble at all. I want your life to be adventurous and not dull.

Benefit your neighbor with your blessing. This is how to use Laxmi’s blessing.

May this Diwali bring you prosperity, happiness, and peace to you, your neighbor, and all the people. Earth’s powers

Ganesha’s power is his knowledge, Laxmi’s is wealth, and Saraswati’s is education. They gave us humanity’s power.

Don’t compare your decoration with your neighbor. Do not be envious of others. This festival celebrates pleasure within grasp. Laxmi blesses us all. One candle pleases goddess Laxmi.

May Ganesha makes your heart larger and your difficulties smaller. May Laxmi makes your will larger and your challenges smaller.

May Saraswati teach you to take every struggle as a blessing of her. These problems always teach us a lesson that is valuable for our kids.

Your home and area are blessed by Goddess Mahalakshmi.

May the light of this Diwali offer your life a new light. May Laxmi beautify your presence with her presence. You get plenty of everything.

The tradition and culture that Diwali provides unite people all around. Diwali forgets and makes us forget all the sadness and anger.

Diwali makes individuals desire for those whom they have not forgotten but forgets to remember.

Christian Christmas. Muslims have Eid. Hindus have Diwali. I guess all religion are meant to bring people together.

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