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17 Simple Tips for Decorating Diwali for Your Home

Diwali, which is celebrated all around the country, is quickly approaching, and with it comes the promise that our lives will be illuminated.

Are you ready to bring out your inner child with these firecrackers that you want to play with, consume a lot of sweets and goodies, and of course, be all dressed up in your outfit?

In spite of all the preparations, you will most likely also think about some entertaining ideas for decorating your home for Diwali at some point. After all, you certainly do not want to be the only one decked out for the next holiday season, do you?


It is common sense that it is not worth going into serious debt in order to make your house look nice for a short period of time.

Happy diwali Hindi wish

Instead, give these straightforward and budget-friendly suggestions a shot for decorating your home for Diwali and filling your creative well.

Luminous miracles:

Due to the difficulty of the task, this one comes #1 on our list. Fairy tales are quite inexpensive, but because they feature such a wide range of colors, they may be used anywhere as a decoration. Your home will have an attractive appearance at the festival if you hang a few strings in the various rooms as well as on the porch.

You are not limited to simply mounting them on the wall; rather, you can utilize them in a variety of creative ways to adorn your space. Things that can be produced for Diwali that can be used for much longer than the holiday itself include tying photos to strings to show off your best memories and twitching an old mirror.

You should seek for lights that are powered by batteries rather than outlets so that you don’t have to waste time looking for them at the last minute.

Evergreen Earthen Diyas:

The word “Diwali” is often used interchangeably with “diyas,” which are also used to manufacture stunning and unusual jewelry. You can not only use them to light every nook and cranny in your home, but you can also use them to elevate other décor.

You may, for instance, go swimming in a large beautiful basin that is filled with water, or you could add an aesthetic touch to your Rangoli creations. When it comes to decorating your crafts and turning each one into its own unique beauty, acrylic paints and materials for embroidery are two of the best options.

In addition to purchasing clay Diyas, you can also make your own Diyas using materials found about the house and in the home’s immediate environment. For instance, you can produce environmentally friendly dia using wheat flour, also known as atta. Put a tablespoon of water into one cup of wheat flour, then let it aside for ten minutes. While you wait, you should prepare cotton wicks.

After the dough has had a chance to dry up and become solid enough to keep its shape, you can begin to mold it into a variety of shapes and decorate them with paint (remember that it is preferable to choose paints that are not harmful to the environment!).

After the wax has been melted in these diyas, set the wicks inside of them. And there you have it—your very own home tatoo! Make sure that you do the dia on the same day that you want to use them so that they continue to appear new and last for a longer period of time.

Hang Diyas:

The more imaginative you are, the more stunning the appearance of your home will be.

You could also use a sieve or an old tin that you have laying around the kitchen instead.

The exterior of the tin or sieve should be painted, and then it should be attached to the wall in the living room.

The Diyas should then be placed in the space in between them.

  Beautiful decorating ready.

Use glass:

You may even make use of miniature shot glasses if you so desire. If you wish to place miniature T-light Diyas inside of these glasses, which are easy to find around the house, you can.

After that, embellish them with floral arrangements and decorate the living area in the most attractive manner possible.

Or, if you like, you can flip the wine glass that is already in the house, put some flowers inside of it, and then place a lamp on the opposite side of the glass.

Lotus Diya paper:

Take a piece of paper that is red in color and sketch the shape of a lotus flower on it. Remove the blossom from the stem.

White pearls should be glued onto the flower after glue has been applied to the edges. Next, you will need to affix a Diya to the middle of the flower. Your Diya lotus made of paper is now ready.

Diya Glitter:

By giving them a sheen, you can give your Diyas an appearance that is more traditional. Put a small amount of fevicol on a large brush, and then apply it all over a diya in an even layer. Now, before the fevicol dries completely, sprinkle the glitter powder over the Diya in an even layer.

Give the Diya some time to dry off completely. Make a straightforward design with the sparkling glue and apply it either inside or all the way around the edges. Wait for the glittery glue to completely dry. This is the idea that we think is the most dazzling for the bright design of a Diwali Diya.

Kundan Diya:

Apply two layers of acrylic paint to a traditional Diya made of mud and clay, and then let the customer select between the two options. Give the paint some time to dry. Now along the edge of the Diya, apply glue, and then glue white stones or Kundan.

To make it look more appealing, you might use stones in a variety of colors. The addition of these brilliant Kundan Diyas to your Diwali house décor will give it an extra unique glow.

Diya trash CD:

To begin, use a 3D outliner to design a pattern or pattern for the trackside of the CD. This can be done in either landscape or portrait orientation. Stones or rhinestones can be glued on with the use of a hot glue gun. Now, position a Diya so that it is centered in the space that has been designated for it on the CD.

Make a variety of patterns and motifs on a few different CDs, and then adhere miniature wax or oil lights inside of them. The cutting edge of technology is ready for Diwali! It is a suggestion for a Diwali decoration that is really simple, and it won’t cause any harm to the children.

Diya of the Painted Flower:

The acrylic paint color of your choice should be applied to four Diyas. To create a flower-like arrangement with these Diyas, place them in a circle around a central point.

You can paint additional Diyas in this style to make Diyas with flowers of a variety of colors, and then you can position these Diyas in various parts of your home. Diyas with an almond form work particularly well with this layout.

Paper decorations:

Do not undervalue the potential for creative expression that can come from using handmade paper or even repurposed materials like old newspapers and magazines. There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to paper crafts. Some examples include origami, quilling, paper mache, and others.

These pieces of jewelry are not only economical, but they are also enjoyable to create and have the potential to captivate youngsters. Make it into a game to pique their attention and keep them engaged. You can gather ideas and get your creative juices flowing by watching one of the video tutorials that are accessible to you.


You have the option of selecting goods that are of a high quality, are elegant and fashionable, or even creating your own. Taking an empty box and decorating it with prints and patterns and then cutting a hole in the top so that a lamp or bulb can fit through it is the quickest and easiest way to build a lovely lantern.

You may also use glass bottles that have wide necks that are big enough to fit through the lamp (or even a whole string of magic lights!). And for an even better appearance, paint it in metallic colors.

You may teach your children how to manufacture traditional Chinese paper lanterns, which will give a touch of handicraft to your home. They are sure to treasure the memory of learning how to build their own jewelry during Diwali!

Floral decorations:

The festival of Diwali is not complete without the presence of both lights and flowers. Flowers can be arranged in a variety of ways, including as long strands that form a curtain, wall carpets, left afloat in clay, copper pools filled with water and candles, and a great deal of other configurations.

You may also use paper flowers or make your own if you are unable to get real ones in your neighborhood. Additionally, you may use flowers to adorn pieces of furniture, such as mirrors or the edges of curtains, with their beauty.

If you want the flower garlands to have more fun and flair, add ribbons to them. There is also the possibility of fashioning your very own Toran out of calendula flowers and mango leaves.


It doesn’t matter if you make floral rangolis or colored ones; both types of rangolis are enjoyable to produce, and your entire family will enjoy taking part in this activity.

Rangoli stencils are available on the market for individuals who would want to do this task in a shorter amount of time. These stencils will make your work simpler and more accurate.

Applying the Mason Jar Method:

The Banks Mason brand is currently popular due to the fun form and practical use of their products. Those individuals who are interested in honing their drawing talents also have access to a large canvas because of this.

To build easy lanterns, all you need to do is add a tea light or a diya to a pair of plain mason jars, then decorate the jars with some cute designs. When Diwali arrives, you will have beautifully adorned cans that you can use to serve drinks out of as well as decorate the shelves in the kitchen.

Gain derived from loss:

Do you remember those scratched-up CDs that have been collecting dust in the back of your closet? Or how about that collection of shells from the last time you went to the beach, which you haven’t touched in a long time but still have? Or even those plastic bottles that you keep because you think you might need them someday and so you don’t throw them away?

So, it would be the perfect moment to put them to use! CDs may be used to create coasters for your diyas, and sinks can be used to create a stunning wall-mounted rug or to decorate your nightstands.

You may either paint the plastic bottles with holiday-themed colors and scatter them all over the house, or you can cut the bottles into long strips and piece them back together to produce stretch marks. There are many things that can be done with stuff that are sitting around the house, which makes it a solution that is both cost-effective and good to the environment.

Water Rangoli:

In addition to this, a layer of oil is produced over the top of it by simply filling a lovely vessel with water.

Because oil is less dense than water, it rises to the top of the water’s surface, where it may now be used to create rangoli patterns by having the desired colors poured over it.

Use colorful candles:

In the market, you can get these candles in a wide variety of stunning shapes and colors to choose from.

In addition to that, we have a selection of specialized fragrance candles that, when burned, fill the air with a pleasant aroma.

Main gate decoration:

The primary entrance to the home is the most important feature. When it comes to decorating the main gate, flowers and things made of clay are both acceptable options.

Clay has been used to create a wide variety of holiday decorations in recent years, which coincides with the current holiday season. Additionally, you have the option of installing an earthen doorbell and a vibrant wind chime at the primary entrance of the home. It has a stunning appearance and will yet fit within your financial plan.

Get dark painted:

Get just one wall of your living room painted in a dark hue if you do not yet have enough money to pay for the entire house to be painted.

Because of this, you will be able to hang a painting close to the area where you keep your couch or where the artwork will be completed. This will completely transform the appearance of your living room, as well as the rest of your home, while only requiring a small financial investment.

Handcraft chandelier:

The living area has been given a very imperial feel with the addition of the chandelier. You might, however, put in a homemade chandelier instead of a spectacular light if your budget does not allow for the installation of a chandelier.

You can use them to design your living space by purchasing them in accordance with your preferences and available funds. This will give the room a fresh and vibrant glow.

Change the appearance of the sofa by:

It is not an easy task for a family from a middle-class income bracket to completely replace their sofa. As a result, it is in your best interest to exercise some ingenuity in order to give your old sofa a fresh appearance. You should have two different kinds of pillows for your sofa.

Gather up three tiny cushions and three large ones. It would be ideal if the color of their cover matched the color of the drapes and the paint on the walls. You can breathe new life into your sofa by using inventiveness of this kind.

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