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Diwali Kab Hai | 2022 में दिवाली कब हैं ?

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in India. It is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains all over the country.

Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Kartik, which falls in the month of October or November.

Diwali is a very special occasion for Indians. It is a time when families and friends get together to celebrate. It is also a time when people exchange gifts and sweets. Diwali is a time of joy and happiness.


There are many stories and legends associated with Diwali. One of the most popular stories is that of Rama and Sita. The story goes that Rama, the king of Ayodhya, was exiled from his kingdom for 14 years.

He went into the forest with his wife, Sita, and his brother, Lakshmana. While they were in the forest, they were attacked by the demon king, Ravana. Ravana abducted Sita and took her to his kingdom, Lanka.

Rama and Lakshmana built a bridge across the sea to Lanka and fought a great battle against Ravana. They defeated him and rescued Sita.

Diwali Kab Hai | दिवाली कब हैं

Diwali kab hai? Diwali falls in this year 2022 on the 24th of October.

Diwali Wishes in English

Look no further than this page for the best Diwali ecards and greetings of 2022. The holiday of Tihar is upon us. Here, you’ll find a collection of ecards that we’ve created with the intention of conveying warm wishes to you. You should just take it.

You should have as much joy as you can handle at Diwali. This Diwali, may you be blessed with an iron will, a tenacious spirit, and the ability to strive for integrity and fidelity.

It is my wish that this Diwali inspires you to try something brand new. Your entire life’s quest to find this. I pray that your quest for happiness and fulfillment is finally over. What you desired has been granted to you.

The decision must be left to God, so learn to do so. Laxmi, the goddess of prosperity and good fortune celebrated at Diwali, will decide on your behalf what is best for you, regardless of whether or not it is what you would have chosen yourself. In short, we lack wisdom. What we require is unclear at this time. Give the situation over to Laxmi.

I hope you’re filled with ambition and driven to succeed. I pray that you lack the desire to win at anyone’s expense. If you really want competition, you should have it with yourself. Don’t try to find the answers you need by sifting through other people’s accomplishments. Pray to Lord Ganesha so you may become self-reliant and wise beyond your years.

I hope that the festival of lights inspires you to think and feel fresh and new this year. Pray to the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, Saraswati, to infuse you with fresh zeal and optimism. I pray that Goddess Laxmi blesses you with success and renown. May the god Ganesha remove all obstacles from your way.

With dedication and effort, may you realize your goals? But may you also be the one who helps and supports their friends and family as they work toward their own success? May you be generous with your skills and resources so that others may realize their potential.

Shubh Tihar Dipawali! Online greeting cards Wishing Messages Quotes HD Wallpapers Pictures

You have a heart full of love and mercy. To put it another way, you are filled with wisdom and innocence. This Diwali, open your heart and mind to those who are less fortunate and who would appreciate hearing a few words of love and care from you, not just your immediate family and friends.

Due to the joyous nature of the event, alcoholic beverages may be consumed. It has the power to bring the mystical faculties of human nature. But I do hope you avoid alcohol, as it has a way of bringing to the surface hidden mental processes of which you might not be aware. Your loved ones’ sentiments may get harmed if they hear this. You also don’t get to experience the delight of your children’s company.

The Hindu god Ganesha wishes that you’ll be able to take a joke, have a good time, and laugh at the people who tried to bring you down.

Good luck and may God grant you the strength to see this project through to the end. I pray that he endows you with the fortitude to keep trying till you succeed.

I pray that God bestows wisdom and insight onto you. I pray that he grants you the wisdom to put your intellect to good use for the sake of the people around you.

This Diwali, may you find the courage to unleash your entire potential. Our best wishes are that you find a satisfying job that allows you to climb to even greater heights of fame and fortune.

Just smile and be who you are. Stay true to who you are. Do. Do not worry about disappointing some audience members. To make everyone happy isn’t your job.

Relax and deal with your tension throughout this joyous holiday. Get together with your loved ones and relax. You should adore them no matter what. Relax and forget your cares. Illuminate your path to soaring success.

This Diwali, may your lights shine brightly, and may Aunsi night be filled with light. You do the same thing when you calm your mind and listen to your heart. You must learn to forgive your worst tormentors. Stay safe from their attempts to hurt you psychologically and emotionally.

Refrain from stooping to the level of those who have harmed you or humiliated you. Wishing you peace of mind and inner fortitude this Diwali.

You must learn to have compassion for your own shortcomings and errors. Transform your character to one who deserves love. This Diwali, center yourself in God’s presence. Calm down and remove anything negative from your physical and mental state.

Put your faith in the Goddess of learning, Saraswati. Hopefully, she won’t let you get lost in the shuffle. You shouldn’t let outside forces determine who you are. We pray that she brings you to calm no matter how dire the circumstances are.

Hopefully, Goddess Laxmi will help you find your inner radiance. We pray that she brings you inner calm and external harmony. Feel the beauty inside you and just be you.

What we offer to others, the same will return back to us. This Diwali, as the festival of lights approaches, remembers to share your affection, sugary treats, and helpfulness with others around you. So you receive the same when you’re in need.

There is no such problem in the world that is more powerful than your thinking. Having a strong mind is a blessing from Lord Ganesha.

It’s important to make everyone in the partnership believe that you have ultimate control despite any problems that may arise. Make amends with your relationship this Diwali.

Consider the sentiments of others. Something that seems little to you may hold great significance for the other person. I hope you have a wonderful Diwali!

Put aside whatever grievances you may have with your loved ones this Diwali. Don’t let the arguments and miscommunication spoil the happy event. There will always be arguments and tension in the family, but there is also an unbreakable bond of love.

Your relationship deserves better than to have your faults destroy it. Fix your blunders. And put everything you’ve got into the friendship or partner you care about. Happy Diwali.

Stay on the side of honesty at all costs. As the legends of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi, and Goddess Saraswati remind us, sometimes standing up for what’s right means doing it alone.

Sweet smiles like that will make your life more enjoyable. Your positive energy should bring joy and pleasure to those around you.

Do not squander your brief and wonderful existence on pointless quarrels and arguments. It is my sincere wish that this Diwali brings you nothing but joy and light.

Your spirit deserves to be filled with joy and gratitude. I wish you the ability to inspire others to realize their full potential.

Don’t rely on your sight to guide you through life; instead, let your heart do the exploring. It will become perfect for you like this holiday. of Diwali. This offers us the perfect excuse to be pleased and rejoice.

May the light of your beauty guide you through the darkness. It is as though the candles and lights were illuminating the genuine beauty of this night. May your true beauty be likewise shown.

I select this time to commend your Beauty and elegance. The harmony you bring around you and the joy you transmit even to the person you never have known. The beauty to you is the greatest gift of the goddess to you.

We have abandoned the natural world. We feel safe in our office, despite the pressures we’re under. The ink in the printers makes us sweat. This Diwali I want to wish all the people to take the time to pause and just marvel at the beauty this night has to give.

You have a beauty that comes from within, bestowed to you by Goddess Laxmi. To me, you are a healthy angel who inspires me with your beauty. A joyous Diwali to you and your loved ones!

If your wallet only contains a few bills. Make a spooky atmosphere by purchasing a candle. Burn it before Laxmi with all your heart. Feed the hungry poor as much as you can. Money and fortune beyond your wildest dreams are her gifts to you.

The prison walls of bitterness keep us from experiencing joy, stop us from taking care of ourselves physically, and cause us to lose our sight. Love sets us free from these confines of negativity and evil. I pray that Lord Ganesha may shield you from the destructive power of this acrimony. The love of the Goddess Laxmi is with you always.

Enjoy these treats that I have brought you. Spread your kindness to everyone on Earth.

Bitterness is a disease that will slowly kill you from the inside out if rage is a fire. Due to his rage and ego, even Lord Ganesha had to have his head cut off. Wishing your rage to be banished by Lord Ganesha.

The hundreds of innocent people killed and children stolen from in the name of jihad may find some clarity this Diwali. their youth and lack of experience

This Diwali, may you be blessed with the bravery of Malala, the insight of Einstein, the tolerance of Buddha, and the stamina of Gandhi.

The homeless and the needy should all be given a place to sleep. It is my sincere hope that those who are unable to pay their hospital bills are set free and given the chance to recover their health.

Nowadays, the festival of Diwali has been tainted by the tradition of gambling. Whoever is willing to risk their houses in this way deserves the wisdom that Mata Saraswati bestows.

The crow, an omen of doom, is worshiped on Diwali despite its negative connotations. It demonstrates that it is possible for anyone to find fulfillment in life. You just need to know the opportunity and take advantage of the opportunity.

Celebrate life with wisdom. Festivals can not properly be celebrated without intelligence. Wisdom is to know that God is with me. Look at all the goods that we have now. Remember, you have a lot of wealth and feel complete.

In the same way that we cherish Diwali, we must also cherish our natural surroundings. Therefore, it’s preferable to set off fewer fireworks than in the past. We are suffering from global warming as it is.

I beg goddess Saraswati to bless you with excellent health and money too. But I am gonna pray for your good health more. Healthy people are less envious and more productive.

May this Diwali makes your days live many. May this Diwali makes your difficulties less. I won’t pray for no trouble at all. I want your life to be adventurous and not dull.

Benefit your neighbor with your blessing. This will be the genuine usage of the blessing that goddess Laxmi gifts you with.

May this Diwali bring you prosperity, happiness, and peace to you, your neighbor, and all the people. and powers on Earth.

Lord Ganesha has the power of his knowledge, goddess Laxmi has the power of money, and the goddess Saraswati has the power of education. They have blessed us with the power of humanity and mankind.

Don’t compare your decoration with your neighbor. Do not be envious of others. This event is all about the celebration with happiness within your reach and skills. Goddess Laxmi offers us all equal blessings. The light of one candle is adequate to appease goddess Laxmi.

May Ganesha makes your heart larger and your difficulties smaller. May Laxmi makes your will larger and your challenges smaller.

May Saraswati teach you to take every struggle as a blessing of her. These problems always teach us a lesson that is valuable for our kids.

With the grace of Goddess Mahalakshmi, may your home and neighborhood be blessed with happiness and enjoyment?

May the light of this Diwali offer your life a new light. Laxmi blesses your gift and may her presence bring you joy. Whatever you acquire, you get in excess.

Diwali’s rich cultural traditions draw people together from all walks of life. Diwali forgets and makes us forget all the sadness and anger.

At Diwali, individuals express their best wishes to those they haven’t forgotten but sometimes overlook.

The Christmas celebration is a special time for Christians. In Islam, this holiday is known as Eid. Diwali is a major festival for Hindus. I guess all the religions are meant to bring people together.

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